IRIS Interactive Recruitment Information System

IRIS is our comprehensive and user-friendly online recruitment information system. Designed to keep your recruitment process with us easily, you can view our data pool and submit your manpower requirements anywhere, anytime. You may also view their recruitment status from the time of your selection up to their deployment.

The advantages that IRIS can do for you, our clients, are:

  • Submit and post your job order online so that our Recruitment Officer can source the right manpower for you!
  • Browse our online applicant database, assess and shortlist their resume for your selection.
  • Monitor and view the process of your selected candidates from their selection, medical records, documentation until deployment.
  • View the balance of your visa sent to our office.
  • Reduce unnecessary paperwork in your office.
  • Online collaboration with our staff handling your accounts.
  • Get real time update on the process of your selected workers.
  • Bridge time difference between us.
  • Reduce cost of recruitment process.